As the world’s tourism and hospitality sector grows, the hotel business has become even more competitive. Thus, it is not easy to maintain a top spot considering the competitiveness in the industry. However, Noma has defied the odds and managed to be top of the list among the world’s 50 best restaurants in 2021. How did this happen?


Strictly Seasonal Menu


Noma’s seasonal ingredients helped the restaurant defeat other worthy competitors to top the list. The restaurant changes its menu based on the seasons. Seafood dominates the menu during winter, while vegetables take over during summer. During autumn, it is the game and forest phase. Thus, the hotel can attract many customers irrespective of the season.


Strategic Positioning


Copenhagen, where Noma is based, is one of the leading global dining destinations. Many tourists opt to visit Denmark to try new food and enjoy their holidays. The attractiveness of Denmark’s capital as a worldwide tour destination helps to bring customers to Noma and other restaurants based in Copenhagen. Notably, the second on the log was Geranium, another restaurant based in Copenhagen. Additionally, the growth of the hospitality industry in Copenhagen has been vital as international customers’ need more than just good eateries.


Local Delicacies


Noma assembles local dishes and vegetables on the menu. Introducing a tasting menu ensures that the customers can taste different words in a single meal. Additionally, having food foraged locally attracts both the locals and international customers. The uniqueness of the meals served at Noma makes the restaurant stand out among other best hotels across the world.


Withstanding COVID-19


Also, Noma withstood the COVID-19 pandemic and remained operational. Many restaurants were forced to shut down as lockdowns and movement restrictions adversely affected the tourism sector. Nevertheless, Noma was among the restaurants that managed to withstand the tough times and offered great dishes to their customers.

Finally, Noma’s top position was impacted by the change of ranking rules in 2019. The new rules stated that any restaurant previously ranked as number 1 was ineligible to contest in subsequent rankings. However, Noma was eligible despite winning, topping the rank in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014 since it was closed in 2016 and reopened in 2018 as a new restaurant.