Ivana De Domenico


Ivana De Domenico shares some of her favorite travel destinations!

Ivana De Domenico

Dr. Ivana De Domenico

Although Ivana De Domenico appreciates the comforts of home, she has always felt incredibly enriched by her travel experiences. Ms. De Domenico is always anxiously awaiting new journeys to different areas of the world. Ivana De Domenico has learned English in London; been on a safari in Kenya; and worked in China.

Growing up in a European family that enjoyed traveling enabled Ivana De Domenico to appreciate different cultures at a very early age. Whether she was learning to ski in Northern Italy at the age of 5, or walking the beaches of southern Spain just a few years later, Ms. De Domenico somehow knew that she would become accustomed to life as a globetrotter.

Ivana De Domenico currently lives in the United States of America; however, in her three and a half decades of life, she has been to nearly all the continents of the world (with the exception of Antarctica), though there are so many places she still hopes to visit.

Although traveling is one of Ivana De Domenico’s many interests and hobbies, she also considers it a serious career. In reality, Ivana understands travel as a way to enrich her life and become a more global citizen. Ms. De Domenico fully immerses herself in her new environment whether she is staying for a short time, or for a prolonged sabbatical. Ivana researches her destinations in advance in an effort to learn the languages and ways of life with the hope of truly being lost in the crowd of her temporary home. She believes that the only way to truly appreciate the world and its beauty is to walk the streets with the people who live there.

Ivana De Domenico’s favorite thing to do when she is traveling is find herself a local spot to listen to and meet native people. She has met some of the most amazing people on her travels just by starting a conversation in a community square or while waiting for a bus on the side of the road. Ivana De Domenico speaks and impressive 5 languages, but is familiar with many more. She feels that travel gives her the opportunity to enjoy the rich culinary diversity of many different cultures. Although she is Italian, and prefers a Mediterranean diet, Ivana has found great pleasure in the delicacies of other lands. Ugali, cornmeal porridge, native to Kenya, and Borscht, a Russian beet soup, are among some of her favorite local dishes.

Ivana enjoys photography, and finds that her memories of trips are often enhanced and remembered better by her catalogue of photos that she brings home with her. Ivana also finds local art and jewelry an additional way to bring a keepsake back home with her to remember her amazing journeys.

Ivana De Domenico feels fortunate to live in a time where travel is accessible and feasible. She looks to take full advantage of the world we live in by enjoying all that it has to offer.

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