Solo travel gives a person the freedom to experience their favorite destinations fully. Traveling alone means one is free from family, friends, and colleagues. One gets the liberty to choose their destination without getting opposed by anyone. Traveling alone allows one to achieve all their travel goal and even explore alternative places that they wouldn’t have if they had companions. It’s effortless for solo travelers to move from country to country during a single vacation and enjoy every bit. Listed below are the most underrated countries every single traveler should consider.


The country has a fusion of Arabic and Italian culture in one country. The country is a perfect spot for solo travelers looking to unwind and get away from the big city’s busy lives. Solo travelers should visit Gozo, a car-free paradise with serene hiking paths, SCUBA diving sites, and empty roads that help to achieve the ultimate peace of mind during the vacation.


The country is full of winter activities for solo travelers throughout the year. The travelers get to enjoy the bright light views and cozy wooden buildings across the country. In addition, Finland is full of parks, island gorges, and many other natural sites suitable for solo explorers.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has the best street foods in the world and amiable locals who warmly welcome and accommodate visitors. In addition, the country is full of magnificent sites to visit, for example, beautiful rock formations, clean idyllic beaches, untouched islands, and the lion rock fortress, to mention a few.


Albania is a beautiful country full of sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, and favorable climates for tourists worldwide. The country might be small, but it is full of fun things to enjoy for a solo wanderlust. For instance, the country has beautiful arts and exhibitions, lively street performers, traditional markets, and miniature festivals that pop up in almost every town in the country.


The West African country is rich with traditional culture and carries the most affluent shopping culture in Africa. Also, the streets are full of delicious street foods and friendly locals who warmly welcome tourists to their country. Solo travelers should visit the tropical savannah, rainforests, and national parks to enjoy rich natural sites and wildlife.