When used properly, Twitter is a goldmine of amazing information. Following the right people or accounts can make any trip to the constantly updating social media platform infinitely more enjoyable. Experts or leaders in your field of interest ensures  your twitter feed is full of interesting links to keep your mind busy. And it doesn’t matter what piques your interest; there are accounts that will keep you up to date on everything from video games to art gallery openings; from sneakers, to celebrity gossip. And travel.


Ah, yes of course. Travel. It may be daunting trying to figure out how to get your social media presence started on twitter. Who to follow? Who posts the best content? Lucky for us, Huffington Post’s Johnny Jet has compiled a list of who’s who in the travel sector of the Twitterverse. So feel free to give these accounts a follow (or at least an extended visit or two).


@Elliottdotorg: Chris Elliott is a travel powerhouse. He’s an author and lends his travel writing talents to a number of well respected publications such as National Geographic Traveler and The Washington Post.


@NYCAviation: The folks behind this account stay on top of their plane spotting game, but their twitter account has much more to offer than that. They tweet aviation news, including travel delays, cancellations, and weather.


@ABCNewsTravel: Retweets pretty much all of ABC News’s travel-related articles.


@AP_Travel: Beth Harpaz’s travel tips, secrets, and destination features are an essential staple in the traveler’s knowledge banks


@BreakingNews: Well, it tweets breaking news from around the world, and some of those stories will inevitably be related to travel.


@BreakingWeather: Accuweather.com’s twitter account. @breakingweather doesn’t tweet terribly often, but their updates are usually related to national weather. Definitely can be useful.


@gadling: Gadling already has a captivating blog, but for those of us who need our travel information in quick spurts of 140 characters or less, their twitter is the way to go. Their Twitter bio reads “We write about fun, interesting & relevant travel.” Follow them for just that.


@FrommersTravel: Well, this technically didn’t make the list for it’s Twitter account- that actually seems to be non-existent right now. But that doesn’t mean it’s parent site, http://www.frommers.com/, lost it’s mojo as a sourve of travel news or purveyor of the virtues of budget travel.


@PeterSGreenberg: Peter made the move from Today Show travel correspondent to CBS travel editor, and logs about 400,000 travel miles/year. Why wouldn’t you follow this guy?


@USATodayTravel: This account stays up to speed on travel news and travel deals, but only features links to other USA Today stories. Still, it’s worth checking out.