Whether you travel for work, pleasure or by plane, train or automobile, there are numerous accessories, gadgets and devices to make your trip go smoothly. The top travel items in 2019 can provide comfort, help you pack more efficiently and overall make your trip that much better. These items are either compact enough to fit into your luggage without adding much additional weight or are the perfect gadget to help you prepare for your trip. The top travel accessories of 2019 are as follows:


Packing Cubes
While there are a variety of choices when it comes to packing cubes, most are constructed from nylon and have sturdy handles, high-quality zippers and seams that can stand up to any travel. These cubes pack directly into your luggage and allow you to stay organized when packing and traveling. Packing cubes come in various sizes and can also be used for day-to-day organizing when you’re not on the road or in the air.  


Luggage Scale
Airlines have been charging extra for years when it comes to overweight bags, so a small travel scale can come in handy when you’re trying to avoid additional fees. Digital luggage scales give you an accurate reading of the weight of your bag. Most scales are battery operated and are light enough to throw in your bag to make sure your luggage stays underweight on your trip home.


Document Organizer
A document organizer is one of the most practical things to take on your trip, especially if you’re traveling in a group or with your family. It allows you to keep all of your passports and additional paperwork organized and in one place, so it is easy to access.


Optical Camera Lens for Smartphones and Tablets
It’s time to ditch the bulky cameras and turn your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet into a camera. Companies like Sony offer lenses that attach to your smart device and allow you to zoom in super close and take higher quality pictures than your cell phone. Lens attachments also allow for smooth image stabilization and the ability to capture photos in low light conditions.


Instead of traveling with your laptop, invest in a tablet. Whether it’s made by Apple or Samsung or one of the other competitors on the market, a tablet is lighter and pack for your travels. Most tablets have additional accessories and attachments that can be purchased if you need to work remotely while you are traveling. A tablet is also a great way to research your destination once you’ve arrived. Whether you are scheduling dinner reservations or buying tickets to events in the area, a tablet allows you more flexibility on your trip.