The world is a massive, beautiful place with countless countries that are worth visiting. You could spend your entire life traveling and still not see every pretty destination on your list. That’s why, no matter how much you’d like to go everywhere, you have to prioritize the countries that appeal to you most.

There are plenty of reasons to visit a particular country. Some travelers base their destinations on the flavor of the local food or the traditional customs’ nature. Others let their eyes do the choosing, opting for whatever countries are the prettiest to look at. If you fall into this latter category, then you’ll need to consider the countries listed below, all of which are among the most beautiful in the world.


From the blue waters of the Mediterranean to the mountains of Madrid, the pure variety of Spain’s natural landscapes will amaze any visitor. The architecture is also impressive, with both the Moorish and Spanish populations having left their marks over the centuries. Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla are among the prettiest cities, but they’re also countless hidden gems elsewhere in the country.


Mexico is a big country with a diversity of nature that rivals any other country in the world. Mexico City lies in a desert valley, but you can also find jungles in the south, mountains in the middle, and beautiful coastlines to the east and west. The ruins of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations dot the landscape, with Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza among the highlights. The Spanish colonial architecture of your average Mexican city is also breathtaking.

The Philippines

If a tropical paradise with lush forests and turquoise water is your kind of destination, then you couldn’t go wrong by visiting the Philippines. From underwater caves to picture-perfect beaches, this island nation presents visitors with spectacles they could never dream of finding back home.


Between the savannas, forests, and mountains, Kenya knows how to wow its visitors. It’s also a fantastic place to see impressive wildlife. Kenyan safaris are among the most spectacular in the world. There are also several national parks, all of which display the Kenyan countryside in all its remarkable splendor.