Traveling can be exhausting, particularly when on business. There are lines at the airport, security checks, rental cars and more to deal with. These nuisances can be made even worse on a tight schedule. That being said, traveling for business can be made more enjoyable and stress-free. Read more below on ways to break the drudgery of business trips.

Do Not Check Bags

This tip comes from Sienna Kossman’s article. This is a great time saver at airports. If possible, especially for shorter trips, try to only pack enough to fit in a carry-on bag. Checking a bag costs time on both ends of a flight; first, by having to check it in prior to flying, and second, which is perhaps more the time waster, by picking up the bag at the destination. Though it is not as prevalent as it used to be, there is always the possibility that a checked bag can be misplaced and does not arrive as well.

Consider Loyalty Programs

Often, airlines will offer loyalty programs for frequent customers. The more someone flies, the more points they rack up, which can be redeemed for free upgrades or even trips, depending on how many points they earn. In addition to this, airlines will often have member lounges and other perks that are offered as part of being in their loyalty program. If someone travels frequently for business, becoming part of a loyalty program may be a great option to reap benefits over time.

Take Care of Essential Items

This point is also taken from Kossman’s article. Make sure that essential items for travel are packed but easily accessible. Some of these essential items could include a passport, or other form of I.D., and a ticket. These items are essential in travel and are checked often by security or airline personnel, so make sure they are secure but easily accessible. Arriving to the airport only to realize a passport is missing is a terrible position to be in.

Make Time To Relax

Even when traveling on business, it is important to find time to take care of yourself. If you’re in an unfamiliar city, do research ahead of time and plan some sightseeing. Beyond this, take care of your body with exercise in your hotel. You’ll feel better and ready to take on any tasks you may have.

Traveling is not always the easiest or stress-free. This is can be especially true for business travel, as important meetings and appointments may be on the line. That being said, business travel can be made much easier by following the tips listed above.