When planning a trip, the airport is usually not on the list of places you are most interested in spending time. But when traveling long distances, you will inevitably have a layover in a different city where you may be forced to spend a significant amount of time. Most airports, frankly, are now fun at all. But that does not mean they are all terrible.

Many airports are beginning to introduce more entertainment and innovative features that can make your layover a lot more tolerable. I am talking about anything from zen gardens and rooftop pools to museums and even ice-skating rinks.

If you are trying to squeeze the most enjoyment out of your vacation, considering planning your layover to take place at any one of these great airports.

1) Changi Airport, Singapore


  • Five lush gardens: rooftop, sunflower, orchid, cactus, and butterfly garden (1,000 real, live butterflies)
  • Terminal 1 has a Balinese-style rooftop swimming pool
  • Offers free city tours of Singapore if you have 6 hours or more to kill

Best airline to book: Cathay Pacific

2) Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam


  • One of the most innovative airports in Europe
  • View prominent works by famous Dutch artists at the Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam Schiphol
  • Airport Library
  • Meditation Center and Rituals Spa
  • Dutch souvenir stores
  • Only 1 terminal, so no matter where you are flying you can have access to the great features

Best airline to book: KLM

3) Hong Kong International Airport


  • Built on an artificial island with great views of the city
  • Aviation Discovery Center
  • Rooftop SkyDeck to watch planes
  • 350-seat IMAX theater
  • Two great shopping centers: SkyPlaza and SkyMart

Best airline to book: Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Qantas

4) Incheon International Airport, Korea


  • Cultural museum
  • Korean Cultural Street where you can experience Korean architecture
  • Cultural performances year round
  • Actor reenactments of Korea‚Äôs royal family
  • Multiple gardens: rock, cactus, pine tree and an outdoor garden
  • Observation deck
  • 240-seat movie theater
  • Ice Forest: a real, fully operational skating rink

Best airline to book: Korean Air, Asiana Airlines

5) Munich Airport, Germany


  • Freshly brewed beer
  • Traditional Bavarian-style sausage in the largest covered beer garden in Europe
  • Live bands during the summer
  • Brewery tour and beer tasting
  • 18-hole mini golf course
  • Relaxation Zones with couches and special lights and plants to create tranquil environments

Best airline to book: Lufthansa

If you are interested in find more great airports then check out this article here. Safe travels!