The COVID-19 pandemic upended travel for a while. However, travel does have a future. That is something that legendary travel expert Rick Steves wants for people to know.

That future, however, will likely look different from that which travelers have grown accustomed. This is something that Rick Steves discussed during an April interview.

The travel expert has, like many people, been missing the thrill of venturing forth to explore the world. As vaccines have been rolled out, though, there seems to be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

What has changed? First of all, old guide books are likely outdated due to the pandemic. Many merchants, including shops and vendors that Rick Steves has suggested in his own travel books, may have changed how they operate or even have ceased to be in business at all.

Rick Steves also suggests supporting small businesses. With so many having been pummeled financially due to the pandemic, it is more important now than ever before to support independent businesses.

Airports will likely be a bit different as well. However, the changes will not be as dramatic as those experienced by travelers in the post-9/11 world. Instead, social distancing and hand sanitizer will be the key changes that travelers will notice, and those are things that have already become fairly integral to the “new normal.”

Vaccine passports may also play a role in travel. This is something that the legendary travel expert supports.

Another key component when thinking about travel in the post-pandemic world is to be ethical in one’s travels. Travelers should think about what impact their travel has and to do things to limit or eliminate the negative impact. That means being mindful of one’s carbon footprint. That is something that Rick Steves has taken to heart; he has chosen to offset the negative environmental impact of his and his group’s travels by donating to a number of organizations working in the areas of climate-smart agriculture, reforestation, and forest protection.

Due to COVID-19, things have changed. However, travel is coming back. It is time to start heading back out and, as Rick Steves put it, add “more colors on your palatte” to paint the story of one’s life.