The trip you’ve been waiting for is around the corner! With all of the excitement about your trip, it is easy to forget the dread that may come with packing before it. Listed below are tips to make your packing experience easier and more effective.

Pre-Plan Outfits

Overpacking clothing is a very common issue when it comes to preparing for your trip! Not only does it take space up in your luggage, but it also takes more time. Before packing, grab a copy of your itinerary. You can plan out all of your outfits ahead of time so that you are packing one or two outfits a day. This is the first step in making your packing experience easier. If you do not have a set itinerary, you can stick to one outfit a day as a general rule.

Use Different Storage

Instead of going the traditional route and throwing your things into a suitcase, use products that will make your life easier. Packing cubes are color-coded dividers. They can be used to organize and store your items in your luggage. The cubes can then be put into drawers in your hotel room.

Lay Everything Out

Before putting everything in your bag, lay everything out onto the bed or floor. This is another chance to double-check if everything you are packing is essential for your trip. Typically, one to five items can normally be taken away. This is also a great time to double-check to see if anything is missing. Some packing experts suggest making a goal of taking away half of what you started with.

Purchase a Soft-Sided Bag

Getting a soft-sided duffle bag or weekend bag makes more space for everything that you need to pack. These bags can conform to shapes depending on what you put inside. They are easier to fit into different spaces in cars, planes, trains, etc.

Get Essentials to Keep in Your Travel Bag

If you have the budget, it is a great idea to get a separate set of travel essentials to leave in your bag. This will save time on packing toiletries, especially when you have to get certain amounts for flying. You can also get travel size items if you are low on space. They can then be replaced every few months, or when needed.