How can wanderlust turn into a lucrative career? Thanks to the Internet, blogs and websites can help people globe-trot for a paycheck. Travel blogging, working remotely, international freelancing, teaching English, and au pair jobs are in high demand. These five options are fantastic opportunities to work all over the globe.

Most of these jobs provide free room and board, and Asian countries especially have a very low cost of living. Keep in mind that some applicants may need a TOEFL certificate or a Bachelor’s Degree for a few of these careers, but there are plenty of employers who have more relaxed requirements.

Travel blogging has gone viral and it’s a great career for adventurous writers. The Blog Abroad, for example, was a hot topic in Forbes Magazine. Search for Atanmo’s amazing journey to becoming a travel blogger and an inspiring voice for African women. Her story urged readers to pursue their dreams.

Sometimes, it can even pay to be on the move. Frequent flyers can work for themselves by being digital nomads. People can become their own boss on, which helps travelers find work in cities around the world. Most of these digital nomads live in Asia because the cost of living is very cheap. Thailand is a major hot spot for freelance travelers and the country is absolutely stunning.

Teaching English overseas can achieve a generous pay-out. Japan in particular compensates English tutors very well. Those looking for a large paycheck should look up Credentials and a college degree are needed for these jobs. An English Teaching Certificate costs $1000-$2000 and take three months or more to complete. South Korean schools pay teachers $2000 per month, Dubai pays $3500 per month, and rural Japan pays $4000 per month with the JET Program.

Travel-lovers can also apply to be au pairs if they enjoy taking care of children. The best site to utilize is Families pay for the service and find individuals willing to assist with child care. It’s completely safe, and the clients are verified. Get a solid first impression of the family using Skype or Facetime and make a connection. Applying for a Visa as an au pair depends on the country’s immigration regulations. All families are different, all schedules are different, and all cultures are different. If an applicant is easily adaptable, this opportunity is ideal.