One of the most important things to consider when traveling is accommodation: where are you going to stay? Between the tried and true hotel room and vacation rentals through Airbnb, you have plenty of options. Each option has its own unique experience, and to help you make a decision, we’re going to cover the benefits of each one.


In general, hotels are convenient and familiar: most people will have stayed in a hotel at least once before. Travel can cause some anxiety, especially when visiting someplace new. Fortunately, hotels typically have amenities such as 24-hour reception desks and concierge services that can help put your mind at ease. For example, if you have ever forgotten something like toothpaste, there will be someone who can bring it to you. Furthermore, if you’re a frequent voyager, many hotel chains offer loyalty rewards that can beget more travels or other perks like a free room or fancy upgrades. While exciting, travel can leave you feeling vulnerable, and ultimately a hotel can help to alleviate a lot of logistics-related pain, giving you more time and energy to focus on the more fun and exciting aspects.  

Vacation Rentals 

Vacation rentals are a great option for the adventurous and thrifty. Through a site like Airbnb, you can spend less money for more space when it comes to lodging, and that means that there’s more money for the rest of your trip. Compared to a hotel, a rental with two or more bedrooms is comparable to a hotel room and costs significantly less than booking multiple rooms in a conveniently located hotel in a popular destination. Many vacation rentals offer a full kitchen complete with refrigeration, and that means meals can be prepared, again saving you money. Something that a vacation rental can provide that a hotel cannot is the residency fantasy. Perhaps at the expense of convenience at times, a vacation rental enables you to live out the fantasy of living somewhere in style with a personalized touch. One understated benefit of living in a vacation rental home is that you have a refuge from the elements that doesn’t involve sitting in your bed. A word of caution, however: sometimes vacation rentals can be a little sketchy, but I’ve covered some tips on staying in an Airbnb earlier on my blog.

Hotels are great if you value for their comfort and convenience, but if you’re a little more daring and frugal, then maybe consider the freedom of staying in a vacation rental. There is no right or wrong way to stay on your travels, and whether you choose a vacation rental or a hotel, make sure you do so safely and comfortably.