There are no shortages of incredible places to visit around the globe in any given year. The list below features some of the more unique places to visit in this exciting new decade. Some places are slowly disappearing due to climate change, others have recovered from natural disasters and are ready for an influx of tourists, and some are countries that are often overlooked but shouldn’t be!

The Dead Sea

This destination is far from a hidden gem as the whole world knows of its existence, but the realities of climate change should have the Dead Sea at the top of your list. Water levels are dropping, so if you want to cover yourself in the mud and float atop the saltiest sea in the world, you should book your tickets soon!


Not many people know about the beauty and culinary excitement that awaits in Estonia. 2020 is a big year for Estonia where food is concerned as the country is hosting the Bocuse d’Or Europe, an internationally-acclaimed live cooking contest. The country features over 100 restaurants on the esteemed White Nordic Guide featuring the best of the best restaurants to visit, the homegrown and homemade dishes will have you wanting to book your next trip immediately.

Galway, Ireland

The landscape of rugged, rolling hills, castles, and dramatic coastlines should be one of the first things you picture, but it’s not the only reason to visit. Named the European Capital of Culture for 2020, Galway’s arts and culture scene is nothing short of thriving. Galway City itself is an artist’s haven with architectural and natural landmarks to inspire even the most picky of travelers. Don’t miss out on the various festivals and competitions that will be occurring year round. 


The Caribbean Sea has been hit hard in the last few years with natural disasters, but this island nation featuring crystal clear waters, waterfalls, adventure, luxury, and food that’s nearly impossible not to love is repaired and ready for tourists again. A new James Bond film is partially set in Montego Bay; celebrations of Bob Marley’s 75th birthday will occur, and you can explore the island in its entirety for every outdoor excursion it has to offer!