A trip in an RV is a unique experience. It’s a journey in a moving residence that’s basic or more luxurious than your current home. Also, it provides a unique look at your destination. Rather than a view from your hotel room, you see the area’s natural beauty.

In order to take an RV vacation, there are some things to do ahead of time. Here are three pieces of advice.

1. Research The RV For You

Before you make a huge investment into your own RV consider renting one. Not only is it less expensive but it also gives you an idea of the right size vehicle for your family.

Overall, you want to see if you feel more comfortable renting a Class A or Class C RV. The former has a similar design to a minibus. The latter is the larger truck-like vehicle with more space and features.

2. Educate Yourself

Driving and operating an RV is a huge leap from a standard car. Even the smallest models are tougher to maneuver. On top of this, there are hookups for electricity and sewage that you must be familiar with when you reach the RV campsite.

The best way to address this is to educate yourself. Test drive the RV to get an idea of how it handles and turns. Review YouTube videos for your particular model or class to learn how all of the vehicle’s components work. Don’t plan your initial trip until you completely understand everything your RV has to offer.

3. Small Trips

It’s best not to plan a cross-country trip the first time you utilize an RV. First, you won’t be ready for many of the things that pop-up (the price of gas, hook-ups, loading & unloading of the RV). Second, the stress will be so great that you won’t enjoy the trip.

Therefore, start with some weekend adventures to areas that are only a few hours away. By doing this, you can ease yourself into driving and learning about the vehicle.

In fact, rent both a Class A and a Class C for these excursions. That way, you’ll get a better idea about the RV that fits your driving and comfort styles. It will also help your family adapt to remote living.