There is no doubt that flying business class offers a number of different perks and luxuries over flying coach. Even flying business class, however, pales in comparison to flying private. With more options for flying private than ever before, here are three reasons you should consider flying private versus flying business class.

Every Flight is a Direct Flight

In order for airlines to turn a profit, they need to ensure that every flight is full. Some routes are very popular and therefore can support a number of direct flights between the two destinations. Other routes are less popular, however, which means they need to pull passengers together at a central hub that are coming from different destinations in order to fill a flight to certain locations. Some flights may even incur as many as three or more transfers or layovers. This can easily turn what might otherwise be an 8-hour flight into a full 24 to 48-hour affair. If time really is money, you can save a great deal of money by flying private.

Group Pricing

When a business needs to send a group to a conference or a convention, the price of a chartered flight can be fairly close to that of purchasing several business class tickets and in some cases may even be cheaper. In addition, when it is critical the group reach their destination on time, a chartered flight is much less likely to encounter delays as a commercial flight. In addition to weather issues, commercial flights can be delayed by one crew being delayed on another flight, runway issues or any number of issues that are more likely to occur in a major airport versus a smaller commercial airport.

More Destination Options

Some commercial airlines are not able to offer flights to locations with smaller airports. This means you will often have to fly into a larger or regional airport and then rent a car to drive to your final destination. Not only does this create a significant amount of hassle and take more time, but it can also require tacking on additional hotel stays onto the cost of a single trip Private planes can fly directly into much smaller airports, offering far greater convenience and a broader range of available destinations.