Winter travel can be magical, but the extra baggage fees from the bulky items you packed isn’t. Packing winter wear requires efficiency and a little planning to get it right. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the process will save you both time and money. Here are a few ways you can minimize the stress and added costs of packing winter gear.

Wear Your Bulkiest Items

Some winter jackets seem like they take up an entire suitcase themselves. Wear the worst items you have to pack to the airport. You’ll be warm, have extra pockets to store things, and you will have extra space in your bags. Make sure to layer your clothing with bulkier items so you can pack the slightly less bulky ones in your suitcase. 

Invest In Quality Luggage

If you have to pack lots of luggage, you need to make sure it can withstand a little stress on the zippers. Bulky clothes mean you’ll most likely have to squish more into a suitcase than normal, so your luggage needs to be able to handle the added items. Look for bags that are durable versus bags that are flashy. You aren’t showing off your luggage, you just need it to withstand the burdens of travel.

Be Picky & Plan Ahead

Plan your clothing options before you leave. Know exactly the types of items you need and explore how you can mix and match a few items to make it look like you’ve packed more than you actually have. Don’t pack every outfit you like for a trip, be pickier on how you want to present yourself even if it’s only to save room in your suitcase. Less clothing means more space for souvenirs!

Roll Your Clothes

There will forever be an argument around whether folding or rolling your clothes will save more space. Rolling is the answer. It also makes it easier to see which clothes you’ve packed and allows tidier stacking. It’s easier to fit more clothes into a suitcase this way because there is no wasted space. 

Weigh Your Bag

Weigh your bags before you leave for your trip. You can see exactly how much you’ve overpacked and can readjust without any stress. This can save you hundreds of dollars at the airport! Try packing the bare minimum of clothes and items you’ll need and weigh your bags. If you have a few pounds and space to spare, feel free to add extra items without having to worry about added costs.