Bosnia has seen a lot of conflict and turmoil over the years, but it is still a beautiful country filled with a rich history. The many different cultures in this region have blended to create an amazing culture all their own, which you can experience firsthand when you visit some of the most interesting places in Bosnia. Here are reasons why visiting Bosnia will be worth your time!


Sarajevo is a city most people know of as the capital city of Bosnia, but it is also known as an Olympic town. It was host to multiple Winter Olympics events, and the 1984 winter Olympics were here in Sarajevo. The city itself dates back to 1463, though much of what you will see in the city is from the 19th century. The Austro-Hungarian Empire had control of Sarajevo until 1878 when they handed it over to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a part of their colonial rule. The new government worked hard at opening up Sarajevo to the world, allowing many different cultures and religions to come through. This is the reason you can find so many different types of architecture in Sarajevo, as well.

The Old City of Stari Grad Neretva

Old town grads are popular tourist spots all around Europe, and it has been one of the most popular places to visit in Bosnia for years. It is a medieval town built around 1455 and has since been added onto multiple times over the centuries. Several great fires destroyed large parts of the city throughout history, which helped it grow into its current state. There are many different styles of architecture found in Old Town Neretva, and it is easy to spend the day walking around, taking in all of the views.

Lake Soli

The second smallest country in Europe is home to one of its greatest lakes – Lake Soli. Lake Soli is a salt lake and can be found near Tuzla, which has over 180,000 people. Tuzla is the closest city to the lake as well, and it is easily accessible by bus or car. Lake Soli is the second largest lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with an area of 438 square miles and an average depth of 18.5 feet. The water is much saltier than most other lakes, so it doesn’t have much wildlife, and the only fish living in the lake are brine shrimp. There are many places around the area where you can take a boat ride on Lake Soli as well!

Visoko Waterfall Nature Park

Visoko waterfall nature park is the reason why you would want to visit this small town of Visoko. It is a large waterfall and one of the most visited tourist sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was built in 2006. The water flows over nine different terraces making it a very beautiful place to visit!

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful country that experienced a lot of conflicts in the past. It is still recovering from times of war, but it shows some great signs of progress today.