Norway is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, with a good hospitality culture and many attractions to explore. Some of the pulling forces include skiing, the northern lights, polar bears, and beautiful landscapes. If you’re traveling to Norway, there are some essential things you should know about the country.

Norway has four seasons.

While you may think of snow when you think of Norway, it’s important to note that the country experiences all four seasons when planning your trip to ensure you’re prepared for the weather. This is good to know not only for things such as clothing but to make sure attraction sites are open during the season of their visit. For example, some areas are restricted during winter due to safety.

National Parks are free to use

All public land in Norway is free for use by the public. That means nobody is required to make any form of payment to access the parks or even other outdoor attractions. It’s important to keep in mind to take ownership of any wastes and leave the destinations as they were. Wild camping is one of the preferred activities by most locals and visitors but should be well maintained.

Eating out is relatively expensive.

Some other countries have eating cultures of eating out or ordering in. In Norway, it is expensive for visitors who choose to eat out. While eating out can be a great idea, you may want to consider buying food from the supermarket as it’s much more affordable. Tacos are available in most places, and if you have friends in Norway, they can be sure to enjoy homemade tacos.

Natural attractions are spread out.

Norway is a big country and the most significant reserves and attractions are in nature. So when planning on places to visit, it is crucial to check out the locations to make sure they are in reasonable proximity. For example, you can skip the main cities and go straight to the countryside where the main attractions are. Again if the destinations are far apart, please note that public transport in Norway is slow; most people prefer getting private means to make sure they cover most destinations.

Hotels are sometimes fully booked.

Norway has charming hotels which are quickly fully booked. Many people prefer booking hotels and tickets in advance to avoid getting stranded. Furthermore, early booking is cheap, and it is an assurance to have a smooth stay in Norway.