International travel combined with the opportunity for advanced learning courses is a big draw. In recent years, the number of US students traveling abroad for study has soared. From Europe to Asia to Latin America, many US students have studied abroad through college partnership programs, host teaching organizations, language schools, and international exchanges. In the 2018-2019 school year alone, 347,000 American students studied abroad. Here’s a list of the top ten places to study abroad and why they’re so popular.


Costa Rica


With a reputation for draw-dropping natural beauty – from lush rainforests to pristine beaches – and a robust educational system, Costa Rica is consistently one of the most visited spots by international students. A majority of these students take courses at the country’s premier educational institution, the Universidad Costa Rica.




Though historically not the most popular destination for foreign students and travelers, in recent years, Japan has gained a reputation for top-ranked educational facilities. With learning opportunities all across this diverse and fascinating country, more and more students are discovering Japan for the first time.




Australia has been a popular destination for American students abroad for a while, and that trend continues to grow. The University of Melbourne is Australia’s top educational institution with campuses across the continent, and there’s plenty to explore and learn in this fascinating corner of the world.




China is unique in that they are also prolific in sending their students abroad. In fact, China sends more international students to the US than there are American students studying abroad. A plethora of exchange programs and university partnerships make China an educationally promising place to study.




With historic and reputable institutions of higher education, a rich culture, and a well-developed infrastructure, Ireland remains a popular destination for American students studying abroad.




A perennial favorite of students who want to participate in school studies in Europe, Germany is easy to travel to, full of educational opportunities, and provides a convenient springboard to the rest of Europe.




With a rich heritage and deep educational legacy, France has long been a favorite spot for international students. Added bonuses include a nation that’s chock-full of history, famous landmarks, and cultural attractions.




Spain has long been at or near the top of the list of most visited countries by American students abroad. With a great climate and a rich history, it isn’t a mystery why this is the case.




Yet another European hub for international students is Italy. Full of long-held cultural traditions and amazing food, Italy also boasts a rich educational heritage.


United Kingdom


Often topping the list of countries with the most US students spending time abroad, the UK is home to a long and culturally rich heritage and many celebrated institutions of higher learning.