When it comes to European capitals with amazing architecture and cultural sites, few can compare with Prague. During World War II, many cities in Europe experienced extensive bombing campaigns that destroyed historic buildings. Prague was spared in this regard. Solo travelers will find much to commend Prague to them as a result.

Freelancer Visa

The Czech Republic has a freelancer visa program that allows people who want to teach English or work in creative fields to stay in the nation on a long-term basis. While Prague is a bit more expensive than some of the other cities in the Czech Republic, there are many cafes along the old streets that provide great working environments.


Those who like to visit museums will find much to like about Prague. There are many to choose from. Those who are interested in the Cold War can visit the Museum of Communism. The Prague Castle is itself a museum of sorts. From the Golden Lane, which has displays of medieval armaments and examples of Czech housing and shops from more recent eras, to the room in which the Second Defenestration of Prague took place and started the Thirty Years’ War, the castle is full of history that’s worth exploring.


Prague is known as the “City of a Hundred Spires.” It does not disappoint in this regard. The Prague Castle has both a cathedral and a basilica that house impressive artwork and relics from a bygone era. Just off the Old Town Square is the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, a Gothic church with twin towers that dominate the skyline in the square.

Other Sites in Prague

The oldest astronomical clock that’s still in operation is attached to the face of the Old Town Hall in Old Town Square. A crowd gathers every hour to see the Twelve Apostles rotate through an opening in the clock when it chimes. The Charles Bridge is an iconic attraction in Prague that has vendors and artists selling their wares. Cruises along the Vlatava River can provide a relaxing break to the day. A more somber site is Josefov, the Jewish Quarter of the town that commemorates the Jewish community that the Nazis decimated during the Second World War.

From art to culture to architecture, few European cities can compete with Prague. Its numerous cafes can provide a great setting for getting some work done, and there are plenty of attractions to keep solo travelers interested in the city for a lengthy stay.