Finding cheap flights is the goal of every budget traveler, and while they are out there they take a little know-how to find. Because flights tend to be the most expensive part of a trip they can often set the tone for the length and activities someone is able to do while traveling.

Use these tips to find cheap flights to just about any destination in the world.

Keep Travel Dates Flexible

No matter where you are interested in traveling to, there are times of the year and days of the week that will always be cheaper. This includes cheaper flights to a destination that is on your bucket list. Rather than search for flights by specific dates and hope that the price falls within your budget, set up flight search alerts by destination. This way you are notified when tickets drop and you can snap up a flight for super cheap.

Don’t Settle On Specific Destinations

In addition to keeping your travel dates flexible, you can find cheap flights by destination. Keep a few different travel destinations in mind for an upcoming trip and when you are able to find tickets to any one of these destinations purchase them and plan a trip. You never know what destination will go on sale at a particular time, so keeping your travel plans open might mean an impromptu trip on a budget. This is also a great idea for cities that are close enough together making it possible to fly into one city for much cheaper than another.

Join Flight Alert Mailing Services

Many budget ticket sites offer the opportunity to create cheap destination alerts or to sign up for email alerts whenever there is a sale on flights. These services make it easy to track prices and mean you won’t miss a great deal when it comes up.

Look Into Budget Carriers

As airline travel increases so do airline carriers and destinations. Many of the newer airlines happen to be budget carriers, flying into smaller airports for reduced fees, but still able to get an intrepid traveler from point A to B. Make sure you read through all the terms and fees, but flying a budget carrier can often be the cheapest option.