Long gone are the days where plane travel was not common and only reserved for the well-to-do. As each holiday approaches, airports start to fill to capacity with individuals and families set on traveling to visit or explore. However, airports aren’t the only mode of transportation you need to consider when choosing travel dates. Train stations and highways can become just as clogged. To keep your sanity, avoid the following dates to have faster, less stressful holiday travel experiences. 

Before and After Christmas

Two days before Christmas and the two days following this holiday are some of the worst times you could possibly travel. Prices are raised and it’s nearly impossible to find hotels within your budget, and there are hordes of people everywhere. In 2018, 112.5 million Americans traveled during this time. The vast amounts of people on the road and at airports cause major delays which can spoil the happy spirit of the holiday. 

New Year’s Day

This holiday isn’t quite as bad for travel as Christmas, but it’s not too far behind. Many people enjoy traveling to exciting destinations to watch the ball drop and ring in the new year. Try to arrive a few days before to avoid the influx of travelers and leave on the 2nd or after to avoid massive crowds. Remember to book your tickets well in advance as prices will only increase closer to the new year. 

4th of July

While Christmas and New Years are by far the most popular travel dates in the United States, the summer months are not without their busy dates. Road trips are very common during the summer holidays, so be aware of extra long travel times if you decide to travel this way. According to AAA, over 50 million people traveled on July 3rd to arrive for the festivities the next day. Avoid the traffic and the inevitable headaches by traveling 2-3 days before the holiday. 

Labor Day

Labor Day is particularly busy since it is one of the last weekends that families use for vacation before school rolls back around. Beach destinations are always crowded, roadways are usually congested, and many take to the skies for both leisure and business travel before winter hits. To make traveling during this holiday less stressful, travel the Thursday before Labor Day and/or return one day later than you normally would.