We’ve previously explored some awesome travel twitter accounts shared with us by Johnny Jet on Huffington Post. And Twitter is great! Links to fascinating articles abound- but there is the eternal limitation of 140 characters per update. So what if we want something more in depth?

Luckily, the staff at Huffington post comes to the rescue again. This time, Michael Hodson shares 13 great travel blogs for the modern wayfarer. Take a few minute to go over this list, then strap in for a long read and a nice planning session for your next travel destination.

1) Fox Nomad: Anil Polat is the captain of this ship, and his blog focuses on “traveling smarter”. Technology is a huge focus here, with pointers on communications and security.

2) Fevered Mutterings: Pretty humorous travel blog from across the pond. The posts here have quite depth, and the format is user intuitive. Furthermore, Mike Snowden has categorically separated his posts by the country being discussed.

3) Johnny Vagabond: Hailed as “probably the best storyteller in the online travel niche” by Almostfearless.com, Wes Nations’s blog is home to cool photography and a series of anecdotes, curated on a page called “Crazy Stories”.

4) Canvas of Light: This photocentric blog by Daniel Nahabedian is, according to Hodson, where you can see the best travel photography anywhere on the internet. It’s impossible to put into words the majesty of a photograph, so head over there to check it out right now.

5) The Aussie Nomad: This travel blog is run by Chris Richardson, who puts out some of the most straight-ahead travel writing this side of the internet. A huge factor in his blog are travel tips for backpackers, and how to explore on a budget.

6) Bacon is Magic: Foodie Ayngelina Brogan authors this blog detailing her travels in Latin America, while writing about her culinary experiences across many different cultures. Do not read on an empty stomach.

7) Wandering Trader: Marcello Arrambide’s blog details his extensive travels across the world. The true definition of a globe-trotter, Arrambide has visit 80 countries across all seven continents, and has lived in a total of 12 countries over five continents. This guy’s been around the block, and surely has a story to tell.

8) Wandering Earl: The blog’s eponymous wanderer, Derek Earl Baron, has been a self-described nomad since 2000. He’s visited 87 different countries, and maintains a very detailed log of his explorations and observations.

9) Two Backpackers: Jason Castellani and Aracely Santos Castellani maintain this blog. It’s rather couply, and their stories and photos bring a charming and romantic edge to travel writing.

10) The Planet D: Dave and Deb are another traveling couple, and have captured some stunning photographs that are more than worth checking out.

11) Where is Jenny?: A newcomer to the travel blogging game, Jenny maintains an awesome bucket list that is available for view. It’s sure to serve as some inspirtation.

12) Beers and Beans: I’ve pulled from this blog before, and it’s no wonder that it earned mention in the Huffington Post, what with its awesome format and unique content.

13) Freedonia Post: Joel Ward, a self-identified “cultural misfit” keep this pretty funny blog. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but his stories are still fun to read. He maintains a second blog, too (The Persistence of Memory).