Anyone who is traveling on a budget can visit a variety of countries around the world that are known for their cheap prices. These five countries are among the most budget-friendly for travelers.


Thailand has long been known as a budget traveler’s paradise. According to, many of Bangkok’s cheapest hotels can be found along Khao San Road. Phuket, a southern province of Thailand, also boasts great deals on hotel stays and often attracts tourists who want to enjoy some fun at the beach. A visit to the northern city and province of Chiang Mai will also be easy on the budget.


This country in North Africa is famous for its enchanting desert landscapes, diverse cultural influences and great bargains on everything from food to accommodations. Thrillist states that it is possible to find double-occupancy rooms in traditional Moroccan riads in Marrakesh that go for around $40 a night. Some hostels allow guests to stay for as low as $3 to $6 a night. Bargains on souvenirs, clothing and other goods can be found in many of the country’s bazaars.


Once a formidable Soviet Republic, Ukraine has become a haven for budget travelers since gaining its independence. The city of Lviv, in particular, has many lodging facilities that charge around $5 per night for stays. Terrific hotel and food deals can additionally be found among the museums and historical centers of Kiev.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the safest countries to visit in Central America. The capital city of San Jose features hostels and other budget hotels that allow guests to stay for as little as $6 a night. Wikitravel lists birdwatching, rafting and scuba diving as some of the best activities to partake in budget-wise while visiting the country. Costa Rica is also famous for its dishes like Gallo Pinto and Casado that can be enjoyed without having to spend a lot of money.


Just about any part of India is good for travelers who want to save money. Suitable hotel rooms in Mumbai, New Delhi and other major cities can be found for around $25 a night. Transportation costs can be reduced by riding the subway trains and buses that are in the country’s biggest cities. The state of Goa, which is situated along the Arabian Sea, features incredible deals on private beach huts.

Traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive, and tourists can save a lot of money by spending time in any of these countries.