Traveling on a long-distance can be excruciating. Most of the time, we find ourselves glued, staring at some hunk of metal that we own. Some airplanes offer WIFI to customers, but others don’t find it necessary. If you have access to Wi-Fi, you’ll realize that at times it gets monotonous tweeting, Facebooking, and perusing Instagram. Life doesn’t have to be boring when there are dozens of activities you can engage in. If you have run out of ideas, here is a list of things to keep yourself entertained during a long flight.

1. Read A Book

It always gets magical reading a book on a long-haul flight. Thank goodness that with the new invention and innovation that led to the introduction of smartphones, you can access e-books anywhere at any given time. Bring a collection of your most favorite novels, newspapers, and magazines along with you. Smartphones tend to save a lot of space on your travel bag, unlike when you carry hardcopy.

2. Watch a Film

For most of the airplanes we board, you’ll find televisions fixed and ready to keep you entertained. You’ll have access to readily available and free entertainment channels. Take advantage of these freebies and watch any show, catch up on some television series you’ve been dying to watch. You can also bring Virtual Reality (VR) materials to add to the fun.

3. Arts and Crafts

Who said picture coloring is for children? Nowadays, we have coloring books specifically for adults. Buy yourself some catching coloring pages on Amazon and bring them along in your journey. Art necessarily doesn’t have to be coloring, but you can draw and write as well. Practice different handwritings and drawings, and within no time, you’d be a perfect artist.

4. Learn a New Language

The internet today is loaded with tons of information and everything at your disposal. You can learn a new language by downloading a language app through the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Download Babbel and Duolingo and become a linguistic master in the comfort of your chair.

5. Play Games

Games are fun, and at the same time, they help sharpen your wit and boost your IQ level. Crosswords, Sudoku, Candy Crush saga and Lumosity are the games you should never miss on your phones. They will enlighten your mood, and they are worth passing your leisure.

6. Talk to Your Neighbor

It would be best if you interacted with your neighbor. Find out Why they are traveling? Where they are heading? or initiate a conversation about a topic. You’ll find out that you have similar things in common and some stories about each other you’ll find them amusing.