Flying is a great way to see the world and loved ones who live further away than you care to drive. However, air travel can get pretty expensive which holds back many people from going on the vacations that they desire. The flights don’t necessarily need to cost a hefty sum if you knows where to look.

Be Flexible

The more ways that a vacation is flexible, the cheaper it can be. Consider layovers and different airports that are within a drivable distance. If you just want a vacation without a set destination in mind, check the prices of flights all over by just entering your home airport in a Google flight search. See tip 3 for a visual how-to. Dates and time of day can also affect the price of a ticket. Fewer filters in a search can result in more price variation in tickets. This allows for the lowest priced flights to appear. 

Look Around

There is not a single site that always has the best deals when it comes to travel. That’s why so many of them are able to exist. This is why checking multiple sites can result in a better flight price. The more sites in which prices are compared, the higher the chance of getting the best price on the market. 

Budget Airlines

Not all airlines are created equal. Some are consistently cheaper than others. Others may be more a little more expensive but offer free baggage which can end up making the vacation cheaper and more comfortable since baggage won’t have to be lugged around the airports. If prices are close, see what each airline offers to get the most for the least.


Signing up for newsletters can result in getting customized flight deals. Sign up through airlines and blogs that find discounts. These mailing lists may result in coupons and/or general deals from local airports. 

Frequent Flyer

Join frequent flyer programs. Different airlines and cards have different offerings so its best to compare and find the one that best fits personal interests. Some programs are free, some are fee-based, and most are through credit cards. These programs can give access to free or discounted flights depending on the frequency of travel.

There’s a variety of ways to get discounted airfare. A big part of getting the best price is knowing where to look. Find the best deals and destinations by following these tips and more.