Traveling has become easier than ever since the emergence of smartphones and the ability to download hot apps to our phones in a matter of seconds. Between Apple and Android devices there exist dozens of awesome apps that can do things like give us directions, act as virtual tour guides, or let us know of all the cool things to do in whatever destination we’re visiting. This hasn’t only made traveling easier, but it’s made it more exciting and accessible as well. If you’re not sure what apps would work best for you the next time you go traveling, check out this list.


For a lot of people, packing their luggage before traveling is one of the worst aspects of the entire experience. People worry that they’ll forget important items or that they’ll pack too light or too much. It can be stressful. PackPoint takes some of that stress away. You just put in where you’re going, the dates you’re going, how long you’ll be there and then include the activities you plan on doing. The app will then give you an idea of all of the items you may want to consider bringing on your trip, referencing things such as what the weather may be like those days and what other travelers brought with them.


Road trips are a great way to travel, but you have to keep in mind how much you’ll need to refill your gas tank. This is where an app like GasBuddy can be useful. GasBuddy lets you know where you’ll find gas stations during your trip as well as which ones have the cheapest prices. All of the data is user generated, and you’re even given the ability to filter the gas stations by location, brand, price and the amenities available at those locations as well as informing you of deals at nearby convenience stores. 


If you’re struggling to create an itinerary for your trip, download TripIt. This app creates an itinerary for you, and all you have to do is forward your various confirmation emails such as your hotel and flight reservations as well as any car rentals, and then it will create a clear and concise itinerary for you. The app even gives you updates on whether or not things such as your flight getting delayed or cancelled occurs, and will help you book a new flight if that happens.