The hustle and bustle of the city can be overwhelming at times and even unhealthy as people deal with different agents of air and sound pollution.

Taking a retreat away from the city/work for one’s sanity or just a breath of fresh air is necessary. One way to take a healthy and vibrant retreat away is none other than a trip to botanical and landscape gardens in our country. Below is a list of beautiful public gardens people can visit and inspire relaxation within themselves.

United States Botanic Garden

The US Botanic Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country. It dates almost two centuries back, having been established in 1820. The garden is based in Washington DC, approximately close to the Capitol.

The garden oozes historical magic with plant species from the 19th century, making part of the 65,000 plants present. The United States Botanical Garden features an outdoor garden, indoor conservatory, and Bartholdi Park.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Situated in Richmond, Virginia, a Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden trip leaves one with over 50 acres of gardens beaming with colors. The Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens ranks as one of the best gardens, having won numerous awards.

The garden features an amazing conservatory dome and 15 gardens, each curated to its theme. Visitors can even experience a dining and shopping experience during their walk. Some of the gardens include the Rose Garden, a Children’s Garden, and a Native Plant Garden. During the winter, the gardens are lit in hundreds of thousand lights, making the garden spectacular.

The New York Botanical Garden

Living in New York is hectic, with so many people, millions of activities, and so many cars- getting away might call for a celebration. One of the very best reclusive areas lies in The New York Botanical Garden. The garden in the Bronx is expansive, resting over 250 acres and boasting over a million plant species.

Started in 1891, the gardens also showcase our nation’s history through its buildings and plants. The garden is divided into 50 areas-each catering to displaying different garden elements. Some of the areas include a rose garden, deciduous forest, and conifers.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Here in Atlanta Botanical Garden, one gets to see an orchid garden straight from their dreams. Their orchid species display is the largest in the country, creating a blooming haven for the beautiful flower. In addition, the garden also features a canopy trail amid amazing flowers, including perennials and azaleas.

Whether for sightseeing, plant research, or relaxation, take a trip and visit the gardens above. The best way to feel the beauty of mother nature is via experiencing it.