Traveling is the best way to fuel your mind and soul.  Everyone appreciates a person who is experienced and well-cultured.  In light of fall, it is important to step outside and experience the beauty that comes with the changing of leaves.  So take some time off and take a trip this season, and make sure you don’t forget your cameras.  From the United States to Japan, there are many places to see the changing of seasons.

Autumn Leaves

You can always go and take in the autumn experience. You just need to know where!

In the United States, the three top cities to visit in fall are: Sonoma, California, New York City, and Holmes County, Ohio.  Sonoma, not only home to miles of vineyards and good weather, hosts California’s most beautiful city to see during the fall.  With leaves on the trees and on vines, fall foliage is overwhelmingly colorful.  On Arnold Drive, a popular street in wine country, maple and oak trees create breathtaking canopies with hues of burgundy, orange, and gold.  On the other side of the country, anything can happen in a New York minute, including the color of leaves as they adjust to much colder weather.  Take a stroll through central park, where the view of skyscrapers and multi-colored trees combine to make one of the most unique city-scapes in the world.  But be quick, because here fall only lasts for a short two months before the leaves all fall and winter settles in.  Take your trip a little south west, to Holmes County Ohio, where things move a little slower and the fall lasts a little longer.  Ohio’s state tree, the Buckeye, proves itself a perfect symbol for the fall as its branches hang delicately over narrow roads and corn fields.  It will feel like a different decade as horse-drawn carriages of the Amish trot beneath bright red and yellow boughs.

If you feel like traveling internationally out of America, a close neighbor, Canada, proves itself to be a top travel location for fall.  Old Quebec, lined with cobblestone streets, feels like Europe, especially with the French-speaking natives.  Mix the cobblestone streets, language de l’amour, and the new colors of Canada’s maple leaves all together, and you will have a truly beautiful stay in Old Quebec, a great site to see before the heavy snowfalls that start in November.  Although not quite like the maple, cherry blossoms in the fall turn a gorgeous deep red in Kyoto Japan.  These bright leaves and slanting temple rooftops illuminate Japan’s delicate landscape, proving itself to be one of the best places to see in Asia from November to early December.

Whether you are traveling around the country or internationally, make sure to take some time to experience autumn in an unfamiliar place. That is where you will truly appreciate the beauty of change.