Getting on an airplane can be very stressful, especially for young children. They might not want to sit still for long periods, and they’re scared of the sudden changes in air pressure.

Having the proper planning and preparation can help make traveling stress-free. 

Prep Your kids

It is best if your kids have a good understanding of what to expect. It can help make traveling with kids much more enjoyable. Try watching a YouTube video that explains various aspects of a flight.

Dress in Layers

When flying with a toddler, be sure to prepare for temperature changes. Dress children in comfortable layers without buttons or zippers. She also recommends choosing slip-on shoes with no laces. It’s also okay to use pull-ups for travel even if your child is recently potty trained.

Pack Wisely

Flight attendants suggest parents pack enough food and other items for their kids. It’s unlikely there will be food on the plane tempting for children, and there will be limited options for comfort items.

Some parents bring too much to keep their kids entertained, forgetting they’ll have to remove everything from the plane.

When packing for the plane ride, use this list as a guide.

  • Comfort item: Pacifier or blanket
  • Sanitizer, wipes, pull-ups, and diapers. (One diaper per hour of travel)
  • Tablet with your kids’ favorite movies or shows. 
  • Kid-size headphones
  • Trash bag 
  • Buy some water when you get through security.
  • Snacks

Stay Calm

You can’t try to soothe the passenger who complains whenever your kid sneezes or giggles. Everyone on the plane will support you as long as you’re trying. According to Patience, a flight attendant, an adult with a hard time dealing with a screaming child should focus on their child.

Kid-Friendly Airline

A family-friendly airline is known to want happy, occupied kids. To accommodate this, several major companies have created special programs designed to make traveling with kids as enjoyable as possible. For instance, United Airlines has a new activity kit designed to keep kids entertained while flying.

United’s new kit includes various kid-friendly activities and supplies, such as a mask, a travel journal, and a sanitizing wipe. Another perk to consider is an airport with kid-friendly areas that can be used for playing and relaxing.