Enjoying a trip to one of the country’s National Parks doesn’t always entail camping and hiking. It can include modern accommodations and a relaxed itinerary thanks to the many Airbnbs located near the tourist attractions. Having the option to stay in rental homes and cabins within short distances of Mesa Verde, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Congaree, and Zion National Parks gives people the comfort they crave and the ability to explore the area on their terms.

Five Airbnbs worth checking out are listed below. Included is information about the parks that they’re near so that visitors know where they can stay when they want to take a vacation somewhere new.

Private Sage Canyon Cliff House near Mesa Verde National Park

Borrowing its design from the famous Mesa Verde Cliff Palace, The Private Sage Canyon Cliff House is worth renting. Built into the red rock surrounding it, the unique home is a short fifteen-minute drive from the National Park entrance. It can accommodate up to three guests with its one bedroom, two beds, and one bathroom.

The Winnie A-Frame near Yosemite National Park

Offering classic A-Frame charm on the outside and modern furnishings inside, the Winnie A-Frame near Yosemite National Park is a bargain for parties with at least four guests. Nestled among the oak, pine, and manzanita trees, it offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of people’s hectic daily schedules. Nearby, Yosemite and Bass Lake provide plenty of opportunities to hike, fish, birdwatch, and explore the area.

Casa Indian Cove near Joshua Tree National Park

A beautiful alternative to tent camping, Casa Indian Cove offers Instagram-worthy stylings in a tropical desert home. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is a short distance from Joshua Tree National Park. Full of bohemian charm, the casa is well-lit and spacious, making it the perfect place to spread out and vacation with friends.

Luxury Treehouse near Congaree National Park

Located 30 minutes away from Congaree National Park is a luxury treehouse Airbnb full of whimsy and amenities. The large hot tub and wraparound deck with scenic views make it a popular location in the area. Anyone wanting to feel what it’s like to stay in a treehouse and witness the brightest star-filled skies will want to book a visit to this premium accommodation right away.

A Convertible A-Frame near Zion National Park

The unique build of this Airbnb is what makes it one of the most sought-after rentals near Zion National Park. The A-Frame can be opened up like a window to embrace a warm, sunny day fully. People wanting a breath of fresh air love the home’s proximity to the natural world surrounding it and its many fields of wildflowers, hiking trails, and star-filled night skies.

Homelike Accommodations Await People Near Their Favorite National Parks

There are many options to choose from wherever a person goes. Airbnbs offer an alternative to camping and provide premium amenities that make long-terms stay more appealing. Anyone looking for an adventure with a comfortable bed involved should inquire about the availability of their choice of lodging options mentioned here.