Since your cruise fare is already a big purchase, you must ensure that the extras you’ll spend are worth it.

Here are four essential items that will make your cruise even better.

A Spacious Suite

A spacious cabin with a balcony and high-end amenities is ideal for those who want to enjoy their cruise in style. While many cruisers choose to stay in a stateroom as a place to keep their clothes and get some sleep, they often spend most of their time interacting with new people on the ship.

It’s also an excellent option for couples who want to spend time together and celebrate a special occasion. While many cruise lines offer various suites, larger ones are often equipped with perks and upgrades. Some of these include private pools, spa services, and large balconies.

For instance, Princess Cruises offers a variety of suites up to 932 square feet. These cabins feature large balconies, priority disembarkation and embarkation, and an exclusive club dining experience.

Some of our favorite suites display a ship-within-a-ship concept, such as Norwegian Cruise Line’s The Haven and Celebrity’s The Retreat. These areas are designed to provide guests with exclusive dining rooms, private pool decks, and butler service.

Specialty Dining

If you’re a foodie, you’ll be pleased to know that numerous dining options on cruise ships feature a variety of cuisines. These experiences may be worth the splurge.

A variety of American-style restaurants, seafood houses, and French bistros are found onboard cruise ships. Various options feature chef-driven dining experiences, such as multi-course dinners with wine pairings.

Since your dining experience is a significant part of your trip, you must spend a bit of money to explore the options the ship offers. Usually, restaurants come with a la carte or cover charges, and you can sometimes get a break by pre-booking a package that includes multiple establishments.

Spa Services

One of the best places to start if you’re looking for relaxation and rejuvenation is by taking a break from your busy schedule and visiting the spa onboard a cruise ship. The onboard spa can provide various services, such as massage and deep-tissue therapy.

If that’s too intense, you can book a day pass or a cruise-length pass that will allow you access to the thermal spa, steam rooms, hot pools, and saunas.

A Great Excursion

Suppose you’re planning on traveling to an iconic destination, such as Vienna or Alaska. In that case, you may have to spend more to fully enjoy the many signature experiences offered there. A helicopter ride to the top of the glaciers, a concert in the capital, or a famous Louver visit will complete your travel experience in style.

Getting to know the locations you visit through cruise excursions is a great way to enhance your appreciation of the places you’ve seen.